Welcome to the “Hydro Harrys” Blue thumb – Growing in water with Hydroponics!

Hello and welcome to Hydro Harrys — Making hydroponics simple.


We started this website to help others who would love to learn how to grow plants hydroponically.

My father has been growing hydro for may years and I have learned from my sensei dad, who taught the knowledge & ancient secrets of how to grow a plant in water –-Simple – water – plant air  – 


Friends and family members would tell me how amazed they were at our hydro gardens & ask all the time how do you create & grow these beautiful lush green gardens??  So Hydro Harry was born, Showing you how you can do the same.


It is allot simpler than you think, can be started on a shoestring budget as well.  Contrary to what many people think it doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands to create your own garden.  In fact our FREE guide will show you how to build your own system and be up and growing by the weekend all with supplies you can easily find in local retailers.  It can be as expensive or inexpensive you decide to make it.


So with that said……

  • YES – You can do it
  • YES – It is easy
  • YES – You can start at home for less than about $20 bucks
  • YES – You can find  local supplies
  • YES- You will love it & everyone will love the results! 
  • YES – Vegetables taste better grown Hydroponically


STEP ONE: First and foremost – Join HYDRO HARRYS Blue Thumb Club & sign up for our FREE GUIDE to get your thumbs wet and begin learning more.


STEP TWO: We are just beginning our journey online so stay tuned for more Hydro Harry!!

Have Fun,